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Information for Parents



TRA is striving to achieve 100% attendance for all young people.   Please enable us to help you, by informing the school in advance of any absences and by reinforcing the late sign-in procedure with your child.  (see below)  By law, any lateness or absence needs to be clarified by a written note, text reply or email. 

Like many schools across Scotland we have started using ‘Groupcall’ which securely sends SMS messages to parents/carers and allows replies.   We will make contact with you only if your child has not registered and you have not been in touch with us to let us know why.     If your child is going to be absent from school there are a number of ways in which you can notify us.

  • Telephone the school absence line 01862 890900 leaving a message stating the pupil’s name, class and the reason for the absence
  • e-mail TRAabsence@highland.gov.uk with pupil’s name, class and the reason for the absence

If you use the methods above this will take the place of a written note and no further action is necessary.

If you telephone the school on 01862 892121 to inform the school of an absence you will also need to send in a note as written confirmation of the absence. 

In order to have accurate records kept at all times it is essential that you notify the school of any changes to mobile telephone numbers or addresses.



If pupils are late to school after 8.55am, they MUST sign in at the school reception.   

From February 2017 -

There has been a slightly disconcerting trend developing of some pupils consistently turning up late for school. Pupils who are late to school must sign in at reception and complete the late register when they arrive in school. This register is monitored daily.  From now onwards, if a pupil is late twice in one week, or at least 4 times in a term, then a Late Letter is to be sent home.

If pupils are late once more after a Late Letter is generated, then they will be put on detention. Any lates incurred in one week will mean detention will be done the following Friday.  Pupils can pre-order lunch from the school canteen therefore won’t miss their lunch on Fridays. There will be an alternative arrangement put in place for pupils who travel on school transport.

On the day before the detention is due (Thursday) we will notify parents via text that their child is required to attend a 30 minute after school (12.55pm to 1.25pm) detention on Friday for persistent late coming. 

Pupils who are late due to appointments, etc, must notify the school either providing a note from their parent  when they arrive at school or parents can contact us via email TRAabsence@highland.gov.uk or using our line 01862 890900 and leaving a message.  If parents contact the school, pupils will not be put on detention.

We are hoping that this will act as a deterrent and will improve pupils timekeeping.  If our pupils are to attain well then they need to be in classes.


Parents/Carers can notify the school office via the absence line voicemail or email (as above).   Alternatively, pupils who have a note for an appointment, please hand to their register teacher at registration.   It is emphasised to pupils that they must not leave school without signing out at the school reception.


Illness in School

If pupils take ill in school, they should report to school reception who will contact a designated PSA to make arrangements for pupils to go home.   Where at all possible, it is expected that pupils will be taken home at the earliest opportunity.   In the case of a medical emergency, a school first aider will be involved.

Medication If a pupil requires regular medication, please discuss arrangements for administration with your child’s Guidance Teacher.
Uniform Our school uniform consists of:  white shirt, school tie, black school trousers or skirt for girls and black trousers for boys.    School Ties can be purchased from the School Reception at a cost of £4.50

Mobile Phones

MP3 players


Other devices

Mobile Phones, MP3 players, Tablets and other devices:

  • Should be kept out of sight and switched off during class (unless authorised by classroom teacher).
  • Should not be used when moving between classes.
  • Phones and other devices should not be used to take photographs or video footage at any time within school or within school grounds.
  • SQA explicitly forbids pupils bringing mobile phones and smart watches into exams.

Effectively phones can be used discretely before the start of school day, at interval, at lunchtime and after school day.


If a pupil uses a phone during class, it will be confiscated and will be kept at school reception till end of school day. Pupils will be asked to collect it from the school reception at the end of the day.

Please note that there is no ban on these devices but the school would advise that expensive items like games consoles and iPods would be best left at home.

Advice on Mobile Phone use by Highland Council: click here (updated March 2015)

Advice letter Police Scotland and Highland Council: click here (updated March 2015)


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