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Support for Pupils

Pastoral Support

Although pupil guidance is whole school responsibility, specific responsibilities for the personal, curricular and vocational guidance of pupils are devolved to a promoted Guidance team. Normally, all pupils will have the same Guidance teacher until they leave school so that one person keeps an overview of each individual pupil’s progress. Where possible, all members of the same family share the same Guidance teacher which should make it easier for parents to establish and maintain links with the Guidance team.
Guidance staff also deliver the school’s Personal and Social Education programme covering topics such as sex education, substance abuse, careers options etc.   Any parent wishing to see the materials used should contact the guidance team. 
Julie Mackay, the school’s careers officer, will normally be in school one day each week and works closely with the guidance team to provide effective careers advice.   Pupils also have access to online careers information and advice in the school library
Support for Pupils

The school provides for pupils with a range of additional support needs.  In mainstream classes, support for pupils with additional support needs is provided by the Support Department.   Support teachers work with pupils in class, alongside subject teachers and cooperate with subject departments to produce learning materials suitable for pupils of all abilities.   Support is provided for a range of subjects mainly in S1 and S2 but extending to S3 and S4, Access, Intermediate and Higher courses according to need.
A small number of pupils require a reduced mainstream curriculum, according to their individual needs.   These pupils spend varying amounts of time in the tutorial base of the of the Support Department, where the teaching focuses on basic language and number work, as well as social and life skills.   This allows these pupils to work at an appropriate pace in preparation for work at Access, Intermediate or Standard Grade in third year.
Some pupils in the school have Additional Support Needs. Their needs are met by the school in liaison with an Educational Psychologist and parents.
A small group of pupils whose behaviour may put them at risk of exclusion are supported within the school by our support staff.   Caroline Sutherland is our Children’s Service Worker.   Individual programmes are devised for these pupils with particular emphasis on easing the transition between the school and work, training and further education.  Close partnership with home is critical to the success of such programmes.

Click here for information sheets to help explain specific aspects of support for learning in Highland.

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